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The purchasing power of global groups

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"The fist power of the crowd is a thousand times stronger

than any five finger hand.

The sum of the parts is always greater than the set of the whole"

Sir. Professor   Erwin Schrodinger – Nobel prize winner


"  You may have heard of group purchasing organizations (GPOs) or buying groups, but what are they and how exactly can they help you? A buying group is an organization made up of businesses or people  that band together so they can negotiate as a larger group with vendors to receive better pricing and terms on goods and services.

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I know First logo
               I Know First

Is an algorithm that predicts successfully trends of stocks.
The algorithm has already marked the 10 most recommended aggressive stocks to open trading today on Wall Street - watch them now ★ RIOT and MARA stocks jumped yesterday according to the algorithm forecast ★ A surprising stock from the chip sector that the algorithm marked ★ What is the strategy to beat the indices over time?

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    Stock Market trading

Just imagine, thousands of small investors are buying, in the same day, a specific stock!
The share price will skyrocket!
for an instant fast huge profit!
we did it already a few times.
JOIN US At NO cost!

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Private Covid & Delta
Vaccination and new Corona medication

purchasing group
Private covid  Vaccination group

We are a global, non-governmental, non-commercial private alliance,
gathering a group of people in desperate need of the vaccine and medication,

As a private organization, we don't have to deal with bureaucrats.

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SeaNergy - World Green Revolution
-Now accepting  group stockholders  

Be a part of the green revolution and help saving planet earth!

With a very small monthly investment -you will become a shareholder in this breakthrough and successful project!

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מגה מיליון -לוגו.JPG
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The only way to win the jackpot state lottery - is group buying of thousands of lines - and share the grand prize with your partners.
Increase dramatically your chances of  winning :
       MegaMillions,         PowerBall,          EuroMillions

Newcomers special promotion:
60 lines for only  $5 a week
Join us today, only a few spaces left/
Taste us: Full month group playing  - FREE!

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