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 Success!  Thank You For Subscribing !!!

You own now a share of 40 Jackpot chances lines a week, in all 3 lotteries- 160 lines a month.  
You can check the results on each drawing below - the grand prize winners group will be notified personally by phone.
              GOOD LUCK for all of us at group #PR875


GROUP # PR875 real tickets scan

MI Dawn-Zendt Powerball Ticket 3.jpg
ברטיס יורו מיליון_edited.jpg

GROUP # PR875 started, maximum of 30 players 

You may check numbers and prizes at any time. by clicking on each ticket. 
Shareholders of the Grand Prize-winning numbers will be notifyes personally over the phone. 

You will NOT be charged for all the first month of your group lotteries in your group. ( total 24 tickets!))- Except the minimum of $0.25 required by the Credit Card company. Then only $5 a week for all the 80 lines ( 2 drawings a week, 40 lines each, for all 3  lotteries) - billed monthly. ( premium members, paid upfront, will not be charged for the next 6/12 month )
Please note: If your group is lucky and one of the lines hit the jackpot, you will be sharing only the  grand prize-winning(Jackpot) with your 30 partners in the group ( NeT after deducting our commission -10% 

You will get your tickets a few hours before each drawing. Look in your Email and/or SMS on your mobile device . (Check also your Email spam/garbage folder- it might be there)
Check the results on-line, 10 minutes after each drawing (see links to official sites on top of the page) .


Add friends to your group 

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