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 Success!  Thank You For Subscribing !!!

You own now a share of 40 Jackpot chances lines a week, in all 3 lotteries- 160 lines a month.  
You can check the results on each drawing below - the grand prize winners group will be notified personally by phone.
              GOOD LUCK for all of us at group #PR875


GROUP # PR875 real tickets scan

You may check numbers and prizes at any time. by clicking on each lotto game icon above. 
Shareholders of the Grand Prize-winning numbers will be notifyes personally over the phone. 

You will NOT be charged for all the first month of your group lotteries in your group. ( total 24 tickets!))- Except the minimum of $0.25 required by the Credit Card company. Then only $5 a week for all the 80 lines ( 2 drawings a week, 40 lines each, for all 3  lotteries) - billed monthly. ( premium members, paid upfront, will not be charged for the next 6/12 month )
Please note: If your group is lucky and one of the lines hit the jackpot, you will be sharing only the  grand prize-winning(Jackpot) with your 30 partners in the group ( NeT after deducting our commission -10% 

You will get your tickets a few hours before each drawing. Look in your Email and/or SMS on your mobile device . (Check also your Email spam/garbage folder- it might be there)
Check the results on-line, 10 minutes after each drawing (see links to official sites on top of the page) .


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LottoClub offers a remote concierge ticket syndicate grouping of lottery ticket services. LottoClub complies with the industry's high standards while striving to maintain a safe, responsible experience for all its customers! As we do still believe playing any game such as the lottery should be done responsibly and therefore endorse the GA code of conduct. You are receiving this email because you or one of your friends asked us to send you a gift and/or you registered at one of the following sites: Megamillions, Euromillions, Mobile Direct, Purchasing Groups,,,, yomu, Eurolotto, greensward, or any of their subsidiary, affiliates, partners or clients sites or social media. You opt-in and agreed to receive from us, from time to time, emails or SMS or messages regarding new features, events, and special offers about any of our services or promotions and with an immediate unsubscribe option. If you wish to be unsubscribed from receiving these emails please send us an Email to with "remove" on the subject line, or subscribe and enjoy a full month FREE LottoClub subscription.

Lottoclub or any of its affiliates are not a part or associate of any of the lotteries, either national or private, participating in this program. We buy the mass amount of tickets from each lottery, in regular retails outlets.

You must be over 18 to participate in any of our groups or buying syndicates.


Managed & powered by GSC (Global Syndicates Consulting) 5419 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90027 US

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